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Related article: Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 00:33:22 EST From: Subject: Adventure Begins I'm Austin and I'm now 18. I'm 6 feet tall and weigh 165 pounds. I have short light brown hair and blue green eyes. Now for the story... I had always wanted to be an actor, so when the opportunity arose to pack up and move to California arose I was ecstatic. I had just turned 18 and gradutated high school. All of my friends were going off to college and other schools and I was going to be the only one of "the group" not going off to live out life's adventures. Little did I know I would soon be having adventures I would never forget. I decided that since all of my friends were going off to experience life I would too. I had six thousand in the bank so I figured why not just take a chance in life and do what I want to do. Like a Preteen Nude Model scene out of one of those old movies I walked over to the large globe sitting in my livingroom. "OK wherever my finger stops the globe is where I go." Well, naturally I was hoping to stop it on the Virgin Islands or the Bahamas or Europe but no; My finger pointed out that I was moving to California."Well this isn't exactly where I wanted to go but I'll give it a shot." I decided to leave immediatly so that I wouldn't get second thoughts. But I could't leave without saying good-bye to my best friend. I called up Mark and told him what I getting ready to do. He was shocked and reminded me that I could wait to leave until later. I explained to him that I was worried that the longer I stayed the more likely I would be to never leave. He understood and asked if he could stop by. I told that I didn't really think it would be a good idea because I was going to jump in the shower and then head to the airport. After a few minutes we hung up and the phone and I began to wonder why I had told Mark not to come over. Mark Preteen Nude Model was quite possibly the most beautiful man I had ever laid my eyes on. He was 19 years old and huge. He was 6'6" and really really well built. He had short dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes. As I climbed into the shower and the water rolled down my body I began to think about Mark more. I remembered how much I liked to go swimming with him. I used to sit there and just watch him play around in the pool. I loved it when he would lift himself out of the pool and display his rippling muscles. He had a small patch of hair between his beautiful pecs and The most amazing six pack I have ever seen. He wasn't overly muscular but absolutely beautiful. My favorite part about watching him at the pool was that whenever he pulled himself out of the water his bathing suite would cling to his body so that I could see the outline and shape of his cock. And even in the cold water I was impressed. Too bad I had never gotten to see it out and uncovered. Thinking about these times definitley gave my dick a rise. I was standing their in the shower slowly stroking my dick. I began to wonder what it would be like to be with Mark to unleash the passion I had all built up inside. I whispered to myself: "Damn, Mark, I want to suck your dick." Was I ever surprised when I heard a "Would you now?" in response. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I turned and saw Mark standing in the shower behind me- completely naked. I tried to force my eyes not to look down at his cock but I couldn't help it. I looked down and there it was. I was looking at what I would have died to see. I wasn't disappointed either. It was the most beautiful dick I had ever laid my eyes on. He was semi hard and his thick cock must have been 6 inches when only semi hard. I could feel my 6.5 inch getting harder so I started to look back up the body of the god that stood before me. I was surprised when our eyes met. He didn't seem angry or even surprised. Something had to be said so I let out the first thing that came to mind: "What are you doing here?" I was more than pleased with his answer. "I came to give you a goodbye present" He smiled. I almost melted as I questioned "really? What is it?' He smiled again and pointed down to his now fully erect 7.5 inch cock. I was really confused at this point. "But how did you know?" He looked into my eyes, and again I almost melted as he whispered in a soft beautiful whisper: "You'll be my first ever, but I want the same things. Give me your hand, Austin." I placed my hand in his and he placed it on his chest. "Austin, I know you want this and I'm never going to see you again. I want to say goodbye in a way you'll never forget." I started to massage his chest and move my hand slowly down over his body. This was something I had wanted so long I wasn't about to rush through it. I put my mouth to his nipples and sucked lightly and then I started to flick them with my tongue to make them hard. I then turned my attention back to my hands that were now rubbing his beautiful abs. I slowly moved my hand down a lower until in was right above his cock that was sticking straight up towards me. Before I continued I looked back to his face for approval he smiled that awesome smile and let me know it was ok. This was it. The moment I had wanted for so long. I couldn't stay cool any longer. I grabbed his hard dick and started to explore every inch. I loved the little tiny mole he had close to the base and how his head narrowed slightly at the end. I started to jack him off in the shower. He let out a slight moan and I dropped to my knees. I took all I could of him into my mouth and tasted his pre-cum. I sucked and kissed his dick with more passion than I knew I had. I ran my hands through his little bush of light brown pubes at his base and then as I sucked started to play with his big balls. All as the water beat against our skin. I continued to sick his hot prick as I moved my around to feel his bubble but. Even though he worked out a lot he still had a soft cute ass. As I caressed his ass and sucked his dick I felt him start to shake. Then he let out an awesome moan and shot his load into my mouth. I swalled most of it but I couldn't contain it all. Some ran down the corners of my mouth and fell to the white tile of the shower floor. Exhausted he fell to his knees and leaned in to kiss me. Preteen Nude Model As he slowly explored my mouth with his tongue I felt him grab my dick. "My turn he whispered as he pulled away from my mouth. He leanded past me and turned off the water. "Come on" We got out of the shower not bothering to dry off and went into my room. He threw me on the bed and reminded me it was his first time. I wouldn never have known. He sucked my thick cock like an expert. It didn't take long for me cum in his mouth. He swallowed every drop and looked up at me. "So?" He questioned. "Have I convinced you to stay?" "Mark, you have given me the most perfect gift, the only thing I have wanted for years, but you can't expect me to give up my other dreams" "I understand, its just that I feel so much closer to you now..." We laid there on my bed facing eachother with our cocks touching and getting hard again. I looked at him and smiled: "Even though I won't stay you have given me the perfect excuse to visit. But until then, I'm ready for seconds." He smiled and I went down on him again. This was only the start of my adventure. Soon I would be in California and maybe getting a job on a TV show. Becuase of Mark I was ready to take it on. To be continued?Let me know if you want me to finish the story email me at
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